Grimsby Masonic Centre

 Masonic Hall
 Cambridge Road
 DN34 5SZ


Pelham Pillar Lodge No. 792
29th September and First Thursday November to May inclusive. Installation November. 

Saint Albans Lodge No. 1294
Third Wednesday, October to April inclusive and on 24th June, or if a Sunday the 23rd or 25th. Installation April.

Smyth Lodge No. 2284
Second Wednesday, September to April inclusive. Installation November.

Third Thursday, September to April inclusive. Installation November.

Astral Lodge No. 3841
Third Friday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Fourth Friday, September to April inclusive except December when 4th day after Christmas Day or if a Sunday, then the 5th day after Christmas Day. Installation October.

Third Tuesday September to May inclusive except December. Installation March.

Wellow Abbey Lodge No. 8819
Second Monday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.

Daylight Lodge No. 9748
First Monday, Feb. Jul. Nov and third Monday in May. Installation May..


Oliver Royal Arch Chapter No. 792
Fourth Thursday in September, November (I), February and March.

St. Albans Royal Arch Chapter No. 1294
Third Wednesday September, first Wednesday November and February (I), and third Wednesday in May.

Kitwood Royal Arch Chapter No. 2284
First Wednesday October, January, March, and May (I).

Earl of Yarborough Royal Arch Chapter No. 2770
Second Thursday October, November, Janaury, and March (I).

Astral Royal Arch Chapter No. 3841
Second Thursday September December, February, and April (I).

Wellow Abbey Royal Arch Chapter No. 8819
Fourth Monday January (I), fourth Thursday in April, May, and June.