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Monday 07 April 2014

Humber Bridge Charity Walk

On Sunday 6 April 2014 Masons, their wives, partners, offspring and pets took part in a 10 mile sponsored walk from the Masonic Rooms in Barton and the Masonic Rooms in Dagger Lane, Hull.  The day started with slight rain but as the morning developed it became drier and the temperature was ideal for the walkers.

The event was organised so that each group of walkers consisted of members from each Province helping to build relationships between Masons who had probably not met previously.  The time taken by most walkers was three and a half hours (plus or minus 10 minutes).  2 masons including Nick French (IPM of the Franklin Lodge No 838, Boston) ran the course which they completed in less than 1 hour 20 minutes.

This was a combined effort involving the Masonic Provinces of Yorkshire North and East with Lincolnshire.  Both Provinces are “in Festival” and the money raised will be apportioned to the Provinces from which the walkers have an allegiance.  The event was the vision of W Bro Malcolm Coates who has Masonic connections with both Provinces and thanks are due to him for this vision and for the work he put in himself. Over 70 walkers attended raising in excess of £12,000.00 with more still to come.

The event ended with a splendid buffet lunch at Dagger Lane with the ProvGM's of both Provinces thanking all concerned.

More photographs can be viewed here

Rt W Bro Graham Ives, W Bro Malcolm Coates and Rt W Bro Jeff Gillyon