Right Worshipful Brother Graham Ives

         Provincial Grand Master

Welcome to Freemasonry in Lincolnshire

This is the new website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire. If you are a Lincolnshire Mason I am confident that you will benefit in so many ways by the contents of this site and if you are not a Mason you are sure to find something of interest for you. 

Freemasonry has existed for hundreds of years and we cannot relate all there is to know about it within these pages. However, much of which you may wish to know about Freemasonry generally and the Province of Lincolnshire in particular will be found here.

Freemasons are all committed to charitable works not only within the Grand Charities, but also by helping many local non Masonic causes within the Province. In these pages you will see what we do in the name of Charity.

Freemasons are expected to live peaceably, act honourably and with integrity, and obey the laws of the land. Our aim is to make good men better men.

Here you will find information on various Masonic activities which take place around the Province of Lincolnshire together with a list of links to other Provinces and Centres.

I sincerely hope that the information will extend your appreciation and understanding of our antient and wonderful fraternity.

G. Ives
February 2014