Full house watches double exaltation at Crowle chapter

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August 27, 2019
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September 9, 2019

Full house watches double exaltation at Crowle chapter

Principals and Sojourners at the Isle of Axholme Chapter with double exaltees Trever Moore and Daniel Hercus

Almost 60 Royal Arch masons were at Crowle to see a double exaltation to round off a successful year in the chair of the Isle of Axholme Chapter for Steve Spavin.

Almost 40 members and 19 guests saw Companions Daniel Hercus and Trevor Moore exalted by E Comp Spavin, assisted by Mick Cole and John Cousins in the Principals’ roles.

Work was carried out as follows:

  • Mike Rix, SecondProvGPrincipal; Signs & Secrets
  • Mick Wright: Working Tools
  • Ken Fountain: Mystical Lecture Part 1
  • Paul Vollans: The address

The Candidates were escorted by Rob Jenkins as Principal Soj, and Adrian Grimshaw as first assistant.

During the Candidate’s absences Mark Staveley related the story of the Exaltation and explained the events that were taking place. The evening was rounded off by a presentation and explanation of the Royal Arch Certificate by Reg Brittan.

At the Festive Board, the response to the toast to the visitors was given by Terry Little.