Mentoring workshops involve more than 200 brethren

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Mentoring workshops involve more than 200 brethren

Brethren at the Scunthorpe session. Others were held in Lincoln, Sleaford, and Bourne

More than 200 brethren took part in the series of four Spring 2019 Mentoring Workshops held at centres throughout the Province of Lincolnshire.

Lodge Mentors, Personal Mentors and Mentees heard presentations about Solomon, the new UGLE on-line repository of information, and the use of social media as another toll to support mentoring efforts. The Brethren were also involved in interactive group work with discussions on the Members Pathway, identifying good practice for personal mentoring, and the mentees’ perspective on how to improve mentoring for them and how they believe we could attract new members.

The workshops were organised by Provincial Grand Mentor W.Bro David Buckenham, who said the members attending had ben grateful that the Provincial Executive team had between them attended all of the locations and made themselves fully available to meet with the Brethren.

He said: “I would like to expresses my appreciation to all the Brethren who supported the interactive Workshops at Lincoln, Sleaford, Scunthorpe and Bourne. We are grateful for the positive feedback and clearly their willing participation was key to its success.

“I hope the group work promoted both personal and organisational learning and important networking opportunities across the Province. My grateful thanks also go to all the presenters Nick Brown, Adrian Joyce, Paul Harper  of UGLE, (the Solomon lead editor), Stuart Pearcey, and Christopher Watkin for their time and efforts in preparing and delivering such informative presentations.”

Further workshops will be planned in the near future.