Nuggets in focus: Solomon comes to life on screen

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August 26, 2019
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September 6, 2019

Nuggets in focus: Solomon comes to life on screen

by Nick Brown

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then the value of a video must be pretty much incalculable.

That’s the thinking behind some work done in Lincolnshire thanks to collaboration between me and Bro Christopher Watkin. With input from a number of the Province’s other brethren, we’re confident we have enhanced the value of the rich seam of Masonic knowledge presented by the Solomon online resource.

Here’s how it happened. I spend much of my professional life trying to analyse how we learn, retain, and recall information, and wondered if there a way that such a fantastic resource could be shared even more widely and perhaps even enhanced.

I realised that five-minute video or sound clips are often used in schools to help people learn. I wondered – why can’t we do this with the nuggets offered by Solomon? That was the germ of the idea – but modern audiences are sophisticated, so wouldn’t engage with the material unless it was produced to a professional standard.

That’s where Christopher comes in.  He has a passion for making videos, and the professional skills to match. And he was as keen as I was.

Together we chose some suitable nuggets, and gathered together the technical equipment. We chose a lodge room for the set – where else? – and invited keen volunteers from a number of lodges to appear on camera.

Then it was a case of ‘lights, camera, action!’ We wanted the format of the final product to be a group of brethren delivering each piece, so each brother went through every nugget, which gave us a series of options for the finished clips.

When we’d captured the raw footage, Christopher worked his magic in the edit, and the clips are here to help you make your daily advancement in knowledge.

We’re proud of the results. We hope you find them really useful. Have a look at this one